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High Precision Tooling

We supply precision injection moulding tools for our in-house moulding shop or for clients own facilities.

Hoi Yip over 60 years experience to  provide injection mouldings in:​

  • Full component analysis

  • Tool design and mould flow

  • Over moulding

  • Gas assisted injection moulding

  • Insert moulding

  • TPE moulding

  • Capacity up to 450 tonnes in-house

  • Painting and EMC metal spraying

  • Silk screen, hot foil and tmapo print

  • Hot stacking and ultrasonic welding

  • Metalising

  • Adheisve bonding

  • Laser etching


Lighting upper casing with painting.JPG
Transparents Triton Cover
ABS+PC with TPE Overmould casing.JPG
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